3 Amazing Facts about the Persians

Persians are a group of Indo-European nomadic people who migrated to southern Iran at around 1000 BC. The majority of Persians practice a religion called Islamic. Some of the most renowned Persian literacy figures are 10th-century court poem, musician by the name Rudaki. So in this article, we’re going to look at 3 amazing facts about the Persians. 

They include:

•    The Persians were the first people to draft the world’s first human rights charter.

•    Persians also built the earliest vertical axis windmills.

•    Persians were pioneers in the ventilation, cooling and refrigeration technology.

(i) The Persians were the first people to draft the world’s first human rights charter.

As believed by United Nations, Persians were the first people to draft the first human rights charter known as Cyrus Cylinder. It is clay that is molded in a cylindrical form and on its sides, it’s written in Akkadian language. This artifact was baked around 539 BC.  It was written during King Cyrus era whereby army conquered Babylon City. The writing on its side talks about:

•    The equality for all races

•    The equality for all religions

•    Opportunity for slaves to go back to where they come from

(ii)Persians built the earliest vertical axis windmills

The technologies of windmills came from the sailors that used the wind to sail their ships from one part of the ocean to the other during in early days. 

Persians were the first people to use windmills to pump water as well as to grind grains in the early days. Hence you’ll find that the first design of windmill that was documented at the end came from Persians. It was a variant of vertical axis windmill that was 1,500 years old.

The Windmill was built using bundled reeds that were in turn fixed to a central shaft that was supported by some horizontal struts. There were external walls that were added to help the windmill to guide the wind in the desired direction. 

(iii)Persians were the pioneers when it came to developing cooling systems, refrigerators, and ventilators

Persians were the first to develop ancient refrigerators in 400BC. The refrigerators were designed in such a way that: 

•    They were large insulated underground storage spaces.

•    They stored water in volumes of up to 1,800,000 cubic ft.

On the other part the underground chambers consisted of:

•    Wind catchers for cooling to even freezing degrees at some point.

•    Were step dome-shaped structures.

•    They were built using a mortar that was made up of lime, goat hair, ash, as well as sand.

In conclusion, we learn that the Persian City of Persepolis in South Iran is one of the best archaeological sites. Also, we get to learn that the Persian’s art included:

•    Carved rock reliefs cut into some cliffs

•    Ancients cemetery filled with tombs of their kings

•    Golden chariot. Coins and bracelets were used as artifacts.

We also get to conclude that at some time they were the first superpower in the world – read article on iran information for kids.

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